Our Online Gallery

A showcase for the best of contemporary glass. Curated by invited guests from the glass community the gallery displays glass works under selected exhibition themes, giving a taste of a wide range of techniques and approaches to the medium.

If you are a member wishing to take part in a future exhibition, please see the instructions on the 'Future exhibitions and how to take part' page.

Current Exhibition

This online exhibition showcases the work of 11 glass artists from Catalonia.

Curation of this show was assisted by Pilar Aldana-Méndez who very kindly helped select artists who she felt represented the distinct flavour and energy of this unique region.

We think this collection speaks for itself. It is defined, authentic, with a sense of vitality that somehow leaves the viewer invigorated.

We would very much like to thank the following artists for allowing us the window into their creative world.

Luesma & Vega Studio info@luesmavega.com
Nutopia by Nuria Torrente nuria@nutopia.es
Manuel Garcia Gongora info@garciagongora.com
Monica Uz monikauzart@gmail.com
Daniel Orquin and Bianca Rebagliati info@40plumas.com
Isabel Sozaya zozaya.i@gmail.com
Montserrat Duran Muntadas m.d.muntadas@gmail.com
Pilar Aldana-Mendez paldana9@gmail.com
Susana Martin info@susanamartin.es
Luis Godoy luisgodoy27@hotmail.com
Quim Falco and Meritxell Tembleque info@quimitxell.com

The show was launched on the 18th of November 2014.