Justin Moodie

I adore glass. For me, it is the most magical of media; a single substance so versatile and so flexible that it can be transparent, coloured, opaque, stained, painted, fused, slumped, blown, cast, cut and polished. We've been making it for over 5,000 years and yet it is still surprising us. I believe that British glass and artists are the finest in the world and that joining the CGS Committee is my small way of supporting the community that gives me so much.

Justin has spent his career designing, marketing and selling digital products. He currently works for Apple and has also held senior positions at Penguin Group, BSkyB and Lloyds TSB. He holds degrees from Queen's University, the London School of Economics and Imperial College.

Justin is a collector and enthusiast of contemporary glass. He joined the committee in 2012 to bring his insight as a collector to the team, as well as offering his skills and experience in digital development and marketing to CGS strategy and practice.