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Oloye, Jariet

The Perception of an Object
Jariet Oloye
Urban Landscape Series
Jariet Oloye
Fusion of Colours 1A
Jariet Oloye
Jariet Oloye

Metal on Cast Glass

I found inspiration everywhere. Materials, textures, and colours influenced my glasswork. Metal and glass is my chosen medium and vocabulary. I paint or add metal onto my glass pieces to achieve a painterly colour and texture. It's material that gives substance to everything we see and touch. The exploration and experimentation of materials, techniques, and processes not only allow me to be creative but it does evoke my passion to make.

Details about work or recent projects

I incorporate metal with glass to create an intrigue contrast, colourful, and textured body of work that engage with the audience.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work: Fusing, Slumping
Artist, Student
Design, Public art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Education, Exhibition