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Oloye, Jariet

'Precious Circle' Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Sculpture
Jariet Oloye, Photograph by the Artist
'Floating Sphere' Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Sculpture
Jariet Oloye, Photograph by the Artist
'Treasure' Assorted Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Bracelets
Jariet Oloye, Photograph by the Artist
'Eternal Beauty' Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Vessel
Jariet Oloye
Group of Vessels
Jariet Oloye
Jariet Oloye

Materials, processes, and techniques are very important in my work. I have been fascinated by the endless possibilities of metal and glass right from my childhood, watching and helping the Artisans with their creations in the rich and vibrant Yoruba culture. My work is a collection of abstract sculptural forms and functional art, influenced by public and open spaces. I explore the interconnection of our surroundings, using ancient and modern techniques of lost wax casting and metal alloys to create aesthetic and colourful art objects.

I work to one off pieces and limited editions.

Details about work or recent projects

I make my own metal alloys to incorporate with glass and create intrigue contrast, colourful, and textured body of work that's engage with the audience.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work: Fusing, Slumping
Artist, Collector
Architectural, Decorative, Design, Functional, Installation, Jewellery, Public art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Education, Exhibition, Marketing, Networking, Publications, Techniques, Workshops