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Iain Gutteridge

My inspiration comes from the people and things that surround me. The structure and beauty of architecture and nature, everyday objects, situations and the complexity of the relationships we form with those around us. Through photography and drawing I create two-dimensional images, which are then transformed into glass. I am constantly fascinated by the possibilities that glass offers as a material. Using techniques such as fusing, slumping, painting and sandblasting I play with composition, layers and pattern. Planes of colour contrast with intersecting lines and textural forms, creating an interplay of captured light and depth. I enjoy the challenge of responding to a space, and aim to create work that will enhance and enrich its environmental setting. Maria teaches Glass at Merton Adult Education and can be contacted on 07984657934.

Fi Fawcett

I am currently a Level 2 undergraduate studying Glass and Ceramics at the University of Sunderland specialising in kiln formed and architectural glass.

Independent artist who has specialized in working with reverse gilding and painting on glass in its many forms. Gained a Master of Philosophy at the Royal College of Art, 2009, with research into the subject.

Image credit Simon Bruntnell. Sara Fell 2011

As a jeweller with interior intent, my work is often a collaboration of both skills as a glass artist and a jeweller, with a conceptual twist. Whilst other jewellers look to the body, my interest lies with the social history of jewellery whilst off the body. It is the very notion of where jewellery lives, where it is hidden for most of its life and what we percieve as 'precious' that intrigues me.
Celebrating and integrating elements of jewellery within pieces of art glass, such as the dressing table sets of my 'Precious Integrations' series fulfills my roles as both jeweller and glass artist. I believe a house profits from adornment as synonymously as the body.
Working in glass and metals, I continue to push the boundaries of material compatability within my glass work.
British Glass Biennale 2012 selected exhibitor.
Contemporary Glass Society New Designers Associate prize winner 2011 London
V&A Museum Access Prize winner 2008, sponsored by the Louvre Museum.
Warm Glass Prize 2008 2nd in Student category

Ginger Ferrell

Now living in Charlottesville, VA, USA. Working from my studio in our new home in the woods.

photo: Duncan McNeill 2011Chichester Cathedral October 8th 2011-January 17th, 2012

Sculpture, installation and performance exploring connection and disconnection.Current projects develop flameworked sculpture as catalyst for action, inter-action, and social inclusion. My work provides innovative methods of involving new audiences, in exciting, yet relatable ways. Interactive performances provide a compelling environment that allows the public new ways of expressing their deepest selves in private moments with innovative group aesthetic outcomes.

Chris Blade

artist specialising in kiln cast glass. Based in the National Glass Centre, Sunderland.

Louisa Finch

Sculptural kiln cast glass

Austyn Finnegan 2013

Austyn Finnegan is glass student from Northern Ireland. He is a recent B.A. Hons Graduate of Glass Sculpture and Architectural Glass at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

He decided to pursue the medium of glass in 2009 when researching Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice sculptures for a 3D project, and in seeing this wanted to create his own works but in a permanent form. Glass making was sourced as a medium in whiich to translate this and he has been passonate about this way of making ever since.

His work is influenced by natural, human interaction and emotion and how it shapes the world around us. The reasons he likes to work with glass is because of the versatile properties of the material. It seems to be able to capture ephemeral and fleeting aspects that he tries to highlight in his conceptual thinking.