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I draw inspiration from ephemeral objects of a temporal nature which explores the relationship between natural forms and the overarching mathematical phenomena that relate to them. Working with organic materials whose proportions are governed by the Golden Ratio, I explore the manner in which glass can emphasise the hidden beauty of overlooked artefacts.

Caro Barlow

I make windows with 'stained' or fused glass, mostly leaded. Ongoing experimentation with fusing and frits, also in setting glass in wood or concrete. My aim is to make colours dance in 3D effect in a room when light is behind them.

Photo by Angela Lewis

Completed post graduate study & awarded an MA in glass from Wolverhampton University in 2010.
Currently working with an abundance of recycled glass

I am a collector of modern glass. I have a particular interest in larger sculptural pieces by British artists but collect many types and forms of glass - but mainly British.

Developing sculptural ideas

Boro Glass

I have been working with glass for over thirty years. In early childhood, I displayed a passion for colour, drawing and sculpting, and attended classes at the Canterbury Art College at the age of eight. In the summer of 1973, at the age of twenty four, I started I B Designs carved and etched glass (whilst working full time as a designer).

I was instantly captivated by the scintillating qualities of light and colour in this volatile medium. I have since developed an instantly recognizable style. I am becoming known for the exquisite palette of coloured glass I use in my pieces, the absolute precision of my skills, and the uncompromising aesthetic quality.
All of my pieces are inspired from our one time existence on this beautiful planet.
I try to express my work with feeling of movement, texture and wildness. All of my pieces are designed by myself normally sketching the idea first.
They are all annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.

Made in the flame at my studio in Margate,

Il filo di Arianna (Ariadne's Thread) - section
Denise mt Basso
: Photography by Sarah Murphy

Lucy is represented in London by Plateaux Gallery and sells internationally at selected Art Fairs.

Bespoke commissioned projects range from luxury art glass to integrated engraved glass for high-end residential interiors and super yachts.