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Taking inspiration from popular culture, New York native Joseph Cavalieri has reinvented painted stained glass as an expression of a personal vision. He is best know for his "Missing Episode" and the 'Cavalieri & Crumb' series.

ian chadwick

I produce a constantly evolving range of decorative glass design. My current range is focused on sacred geometry and mandalas to produce work which has a kaleidoscopic op art effect.

Neilson Photography

glass studio within Brigaitt building @ WASPs Glasgow

Maureen Charles - inspired by Paul Klee

I studied at Ravensbourne, then at Leicester where I first blew glass. A lifetime later, I find I’m again working with glass. Mostly I’m fusing, sometimes to make pictures, sometimes slumping, often something else entirely. I'm exploring and learning, surprised and delighted with glass, and always finding something new.