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On Edge Silk screened & Sand carved screen. detail
J. Rowley

Julia works to a variety of scales with previous projects ranging from sensitive hand held pieces through to public art. Graduating from the University of Wolverhampton with a First Class Honours degree in Glass, Julia works to commission and is currently undertaking her MA in Art & Design.

Nick Ruff

I am fascinated by how light captures form and brings it to life, changing with the seasons, the day or even moment by moment. In this respect working with glass has been a natural progression of 25 years practising as an architect.

With architecture I work with my clients on creating sustainable design through considering the experience of being in a space, the connections with the outside world and how the building sits in its environment, with glass however colour also becomes an integral dimension that infuses the design with life and lifts the spirit.

Double Bubble

For the last thirty five years I have had a dual career of builder and glass blower. I have always hoped I would die at the glory hole but now that seems unlikely. The price of gas has gone through the roof and rightly so. Currently I am on sabbatical and am an elderly but full time builder.

Julia Rutty

My work is informed by memories and experiences which are personal to me. I am an avid collector of momentos and a keeper of journals, diaries and scrapbooks and I sometimes take time to look back to see what has led me to this point in my life.

Lauren Sagar

Working from Rogue Artists Studios in central Manchester, Lauren Sagar and Sharon Campbell are specialists in large-scale, largely glass, installations. They create work the within the urban landscape where the art work becomes part of people's daily life.The last few years have seen them winning a number of public art competitions in London and Manchester, such as the foyer for Arlington House, Camden; the Poetry Discs and Ice Box; and the Summer Glass House in St Mary's Hospital, which they have since used as this site for ongoing 'Pop-up' exhibitions. Increasingly their interest is in working collaboratively with other practitioners, across disciplines, on artist-led projects.As consultants, they have built up an artist database for arts agent ArtForArchitecture, and have developed and facilitated an engagement art project 'Making This Home' on the Johnson Fold estate in Bolton. Their work was awarded Arts Council funding in 2004 and 2006 as well as Arts and Business funding the same years. Since then they have continued to build a reputation for producing innovative, permanent work and devising ever more imaginative ways for people to engage with it.