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"Rouge Corallin" 2008  68x65x54cm.

Thierry Bontridder, born in 1956, he studied sculpture in Brussels at the Academy of Fine Arts. He was awarded by the University; Libre de Bruxelles in 1995, by the Egide Rombaux award 2001 of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Belgium, and also by the SPES Foundation in 2002.

Dan is currently studying a Master of Arts at Royal College of Art in London.
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I used to write and illustrate children's books, ten years ago I changed to fusing glass. I wish I had discovered it before! It gives me immense pleasure.

Kim Bramley

Kim trained in Fashion & Textile Design at St Martin's School of Art, London and worked internationally as a fashion/textile designer. Since 1999 she has re-trained in techniques for kiln-formed glass and presently works from her 'Heart of England' studio in the former stables of Sandon Hall in Staffordshire.