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Stuart Turnbull
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I am often inspired by scientific imagery - I want my work not only to decorate, but also intrigue.

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JanHein van Stiphout is a trained sculptor. Born into glass, glass always was and still is ‘his’ material. His concept based work takes the inherent properties of glass such as resilience, flexibility and fragility to the extreme. Nature is regularly a source of inspiration. International exhibitions; work in collection of museums; selected work in New Glass Review; winner of several glass prices.

Born on 3 August 1951 in Sofia and graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts.
At the beginning of his artistic career he chose glass as the main material for creative expression. He is fascinated by the opportunity to use light as a direct component of his work.
At the beginning he works primarily with stained glass, but later extensive plastic form becomes more attractive for the artist. There are a number of projects in interiors as well as numerous exhibitions of stained glass, lamps and decorated mirrors.
Human faces, which excited him throughout his life, became a major theme of his glass sculptures. "Glass has properties that make it close to the quality of the human face. Depending on the light which glass transmits or reflects, it changes in the same way emotions changes the human face "- says about his works Yuri Vasilev.

Sheryl Vaughan

I study 3DD Art (BA Hons) at UCA Farnham. Previously I studied Fashion & Design, Ceramics, Photography, lampworking and fused glass. I was awarded NIACE Regional Student of the Year Award (North London) 2012. All these disciplines have led me to have the confidence and ambition to undergo a degree.

After graduating in 2008 - B A (Hons) in Art & Design, I later that year started learning about fusing and slumping glass. I keep up with new techniques in order to keep my designs up to date with trends. This April I decide to take my love for glass and do it full time as a business. I have a website