“Glass Creatures“ – Sculptures from Susan Liebold and Mari Mészàros

“Glass Creatures“ – Sculptures from Susan Liebold and Mari Mészàros

13 May to 30 September 2014


The double exhibition “Glass Creatures“ at the Galerie B in Sinzheim / Baden-Baden is presenting glass works by Susan Liebold and Mari Mészàros from 13 May to 30 September. Two really exciting artists can be discovered. Susan Liebold, born in Neuhaus am Rennweg (Germany) in 1977, studied at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in the town of Halle (Germany). She now lives and works in a former gasworks building in the Thuringian landscape, rich in hills and forests. The forest as well as the deep blue sea inspires her to create her glass sculptures: sometimes mushrooms, sometimes jellyfish or tiny biological creatures that she turns into bizarre shapes and delicate creations of glass, often immersing them in mystic light. Her specialty is that the objects transform when the light changes from white light to ultraviolet light. They then appear crystal clear or mystically luminous.

Mari Mészàros comes from Hungary. She mainly deals with female bodies and faces, mostly fragments of bodies bearing visible marks of life. Mari Mészàros is interested more in the part carrying the wholeness, rather than in the wholeness of a body itself.

“I turn human bodies into objects, a future documentation of their current existence. I therefore use glass because it is as frail as man and as strong as mankind”, the artist explains. Her impressive works hang on the wall or stand freely in the room. She uses coloured glass in light shades, sometimes greenish or aubergine coloured. First she creates a plaster impression of the body from which she then makes her glass sculpture using fusion technique, where glass is melted on a plaster-fireclay mould.

Glassy bodies, fine and delicate, yet strong and compact.


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