Here We Are At Home Exibition - Celebrating the Year of Scottish Homecoming

15 June 2014

We're celebrating the year of Scottish Homecoming with an exhibition in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival

Looking to share innovative work with a huge audience? Looking to educate the general public in what makes one piece priced at £10,000 and another at £100? Looking to creative a site specific installation on a large scale? Looking to do something completely creative an out of the box? We want you to get involved!

We have a shopping centre to take over, complete with a former clothing shop, two stories doubled sized, with bar, balcony and way too much wall space! We'll be organising a site visit prior to the submissions deadline, so e-mail if you'd like to be invited along. We're planning to graffiti up outside the shopping centre (no, not on the building itself...they won't let us be that crazy). If we can get permission from the harbour master, we'll even be able to consider work out in the forth.

We’re celebrating the year of Scottish Homecoming with an exhibition of work celebrating Scottish artists and those who have chosen to call Caledonia home. This is a temporary exhibition in Ocean Terminal shopping centre and will feature high end art work, custom “affordable art”, innovative workshops, and unique installations. We want artists to take ownership of this event and be key participants in organising and directing the vision of the exhibition.

Work in all materials and media will be considered from paint and print, to sculpture, to performance and media.

While it is free to submit, upon acceptance there will be a £25 participation fee.

Proposals will be accepted in three areas:

  • Fine Art and Installations
  • Affordable Art
  • Workshops

Submissions Deadline: 15th June 2014

Key Dates:
Submissions Deadline: 15th June 2014
Selections informed 30th June 2014
Work delivered: 28thJuly - 1st Aug 2014 (tentative dates)
Installation:4th-6th August 2014 (tentative dates)
Exhibition: 7th August - 14th September 2014
Collection/TakeDown: 15th August 2014


Fine Art and Installations category:
This is a juried exhibition and high quality work that celebrates artists who are coming home to Scotland either by sending their work, making a pilgrimage themselves, returning to their ancestral homeland, or making Scotland their home. We want to see artists creatively interpreting the theme of Scottish homecoming in their own style and with their own voice. Ocean Terminal is open to installations in public spaces of the shopping centre, as well as outside and potentially in the harbour (proposals must also be approved by the harbour master). By using a shopping centre to exhibit fine art, we aim to the fine art experience to people from all walks of life and encourage an appreciation of fine art in groups who might not normally seek it out in a traditional gallery setting. Artwork can be of any scale that can be installed inside (though outdoor work will be considered with a health and safety review). Work can be specifically designed for Ocean Terminal including public spaces and potentially the harbour outside (depending on approval from the harbour master).

Ideally artists in this category will also submit work that

 Affordable Art Category:
These are more commercial, saleable pieces. Individual pieces from the product line for this category must sell for less than £100. Part of our goal at Pop Up! Edinburgh is to encourage everyone to become an art owner. Our affordable art campaign is aimed at giving the general public that first taste of quality art, educate them about its provenance and value, and encourage them to support the arts in the future. We see this as a “foot in the door” for both the artist and the customer. Whether you want to sell custom greeting cards or mini-sculpture, we’re open to all quality, affordable work made in Scotland or by Scottish makers. We will also consider joint applications where work from the Fine Art/Installation category is paired with/relates to affordable art pieces. Please advise the number of pieces potentially available for inclusion in the exhibition (whether there are 100 prints, or 5 related sculptures, etc. There is less limitation on space with these pieces, depending on size).

We want people to get hands on with the work, and any and all proposals will be considered. We have openings for a variety of different workshops in the gallery space or potentially in other community spaces within Ocean Terminal. The restrictions of a place like Ocean Terminal should be considered, but we might have access to other venues within Edinburgh. Proposals for workshops should include a rough budget (including the artist’s fee) and a description of how the workshop relates to the theme of ‘Here We Are At Home’ (be it subject matter, material, or technique, or some other connection).
A separate form for workshop proposals will be available shortly.

Artists may submit up to two proposals per category with two images each. Images must be at 72dpi resolution and no larger than 1mb.

Each image clearly labelled:

Restrictions: Any special construction requirements will also be considered on a case by case basis and artists may be asked to modify their proposal to fit the space.

Shipping & Insurance: Artists must pay shipping costs both ways, or arrange for delivery.  The work will be insured once it arrives at the venue.

Sales: Work may be available for sale and a commission of 35% will be taken. Unsold work should be retrieved by the artist within a week of the show’s close.

Entries may be submitted by e-mailing  Subject: "Here We Are At Home" or using the submission form here.