Liz Waugh McManus solo show - A review by Angela Thwaites

Liz Waugh McManus solo show - A review by Angela Thwaites

Liz Waugh solo show at The Malt Room, TheCut, Suffolk, 6th-31st May 2014

Liz Waugh’s first solo show was a well-kept secret at The Cut, a former maltings turned into a spacious multi arts centre in Halesworth, Suffolk.

Walking through the generous space the works gradually took you over one by one drawing you into their layers of meaning. The work shown encompassed film, animation, image and glass in all cases contemplative, subtle and thoughtfully produced. Translucency is a key aspect and several different materials are used as screens onto which moving images are projected. These materials include glass and a tent, the differing surfaces of which enhance the mystical qualities of movement and images projected onto them.

A series of wall mounted glass powder paintings relating to Sara Maitland’s book on the roots of fairy tales also made interesting and telling connections with the projections and cast glass objects exhibited alongside.

Leaving the exhibition, it is the depth of engagement, gentle nature and meditative repetition characterising and uniting Liz’s work which remains with you.

There is an opportunity to see ten of the works which have been selected for an exhibition at the Gallery in the Garden in Essex in July. Details: Open Wednesdays to Sundays inclusive, 2 to 5 pm, Sunday 6th July to Sunday 20th July 2014. Preview Sunday 6th July 11am to 1 pm. Address: Gallery in the Garden, Great Saling, Essex, CM7 5DP

Liz is also a participant in this year’s international Coburg Glass Prize and she took part in the first round of the CGS mentoring scheme in 2010-1

‘Gossip from the forest, The Tangled Roots of our Forests and Fairy tales’ by Sara Maitland.

Written by Angela Thwaites