Mostly Warm Glass - classes in Suffolk

Beginning Summer 2014

Having moved into a new studio in Suffolk with a large fusing kiln, Arabella will be offering monthly teaching days plus a weekly morning to finish work. She will also organise one or two short courses throughout each year inviting guest teachers to come and add a new dimension to what's already on offer. Her own classes will include: fusing techniques, drawing and designing, stencil cutting for sandblasting and creative nourishment.

She has developed a method of fusing which explores layers and depth as well as the creation of line. Her desire is always that the viewer is taken beyond the medium of glass. With her own background in painting it is as if she is painting with glass. Students will of course be free to explore and develop in any way they feel inspired.

Her studio / workshop is on a farm nestling in gorgeous countryside and there are two pubs within a mile for refreshment!

Arabella Mashall