Region:South West England

Technique:Etching, Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Functional

Areas of Interest:Techniques

Country:United Kingdom



Joanne Heath

I started kiln formed glass in 2016 and began making products to complement my range of natural wax candles such as candle holders and light curves. I was shown how to sandblast by a fellow glass artist and have since designed products with a nature based theme. I'd like to improve these skills as well as develop other 'new to me' techniques where I can incorporate my passion of texture and movement.

I have recently been exploring the ‘Optic’ technique developed by Judith Conway and Kevin O’Toole which lets me explore movement in glass in a controlled format, to then put this design into a dropout mould to explore the freedom of movement. I have also experimented with glass moving and merging with other colours via a mesh melt and then stretched into a dropped vase to produce patterns found in fine materials such as chiffon.

Chiffon , Jo Heath

Optics , Jo Heath