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This exhibition has a theme of Vessels. 33 artists have been selected from a large number of entries for this show. The vessel is functional and enveloping, it embodies the preservation of materials, the containment of things precious to us, it symbolises fragments of history, reflects the every day, and conversely the revered. A vessel tells a story, from where it came, and its reason for being.These 33 artists reveal their own story and their relationship with what a vessel means to them. This was a selected exhibition and launched on the 12th of December 2011.


Fragmented Space: Exploring contemporary glass and interiors. This show runs parallel to our Living with Glass: CGS Conference, held in October 2011. The conference explores the use of glass in interiors. From a large list of entries, 18 member artists were selected for this online exhibition, revealing threads of installation and sculpture, exquisite tableware, architectural work, fabulous lighting and glass for any living room.

This CGS Exhibition highlights 12 glass students who will graduate this year and informs us of the multifaceted approach that these students take to their personal expression in glass.  Every summer, New Designers helps thousands of graduates to launch their career at the spectacular Business Design Centre in London. The New Designers website can be viewed at: http://www.newdesigners.com This exhibition was launched on the 27th of July 2011.

21 Artists were selected from many applicants. These member artists reveal how they are inspired by and make references to the human figure, their work providing us with gentle references to the shape and nature of the human form. From shadows, to bold texture and form, delicate colouration and luminosity, this is one of the most diverse and imaginative shows we have had. This exhibition was launched in May 2011.

Welcome to our Gallery Exhibition in March which shows the breadth and diversity of 28 glass students currently working across the UK . We had an overwhelming response so thank you to all those that entered work. This is a special show as the students selected to take part in this exhibition are not necessarily members of CGS. Students can be from any year e.g. 1st year or 3rd year. This show was launched in February 2011.