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Fiona Bryer

Limenal Beach Fiona Bryer
Woodland Trails Simon Bruntnell
Limenal Beach Series Fiona Bryer
Amber Beach John Linnell
Lattice Frost Bowl Fiona Bryer
Lattice Frost Bowl Series, 25 cm and 40 cm Fiona Bryer

With a love of the outdoors, I draw much of my inspiration from forms, patterns, textures and effects found in the natural world. The Limenal Beach Series reflects natural textures caused by the ebb and flow of the tide. The Lattice Frost Bowl Series is directly inspired by frost and snow touched by sunlight emphasizing beauty within a fleeting fragility.

Details about work or recent projects

My current sculptural, decorative work of wall panels and table top centre pieces, include open cast formed glass with lead crystal and elements of gilding to highlight textures found in both woodlands and coastal areas.
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Decorative, Design, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition