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Chamberlain, Chris

'Jewel of the Universe'
'Jewel of the Universe'
'Jewel of the Universe'
'Jewel of the Universe' - illuminated
'Jewel of the Universe' - Australia
'Jewel of the Universe' - the British Isles
'Jewel of the Universe' - South East Asia
'Jewel of the Universe' - making of ...
'Jewel of the Universe' - Chris Chamberlain
Pieces compared to a penny
Chris Chamberlain

I have developed a unique technique in my London studio called ‘Grand Artimmosa’. This consists of hundreds of thousands of tiny hand-cut pieces of stained glass which are then applied mosaic-style to a thick sheet of perspex. Combined with embedded gemstones and internal illumination by LEDs, the result is, as the Turner Prize winning artist Richard Long wrote: "Amazing and absolutely stunning." 'Jewel of the Universe', a portrait of the Earth which was exhibited at the ROA Gallery London in December 2012, is the debut work of this technique. Commissions most welcome.

Details about work or recent projects

An illuminated portrait of the Earth, entitled ‘Jewel of the Universe’. It is a large-scale (3.2m x 2.2m), unique portrait of our Earth created from 330,000 hand-cut pieces of stained glass, 1238 jewels totalling 260 carats, and 800 LEDs.

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