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Sheryl Vaughan

Iced Wire Sheryl Vaughan
River of Plants
Palatalized Sheryl Vaughan
Emerald Energy My entry into The Glass Prize 2014 - Sheryl Vaughan
University of Creative Arts Farnham

I study 3DD Art (BA Hons) at UCA Farnham. Previously I studied Fashion & Design, Ceramics, Photography, lampworking and fused glass. I was awarded NIACE Regional Student of the Year Award (North London) 2012. All these disciplines have led me to have the confidence and ambition to undergo a degree.

Details about work or recent projects

Now in my 2nd year I have recently finished a project based on duplication. I have entered The Glass Prize 2014 with the entry 'Emerald Energy'.
I will be exhibiting in a show titled 'Tru Beginnings' in The Garden Gallery, Museum of Farnham 5th & 6th April, 2014 - based on artists who realised their love of a medium from early childhood and have continued their pursuit of it through to a degree.

Technique: Hot glass, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Kiln work, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Other, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Occupation: Student
Discipline: Decorative, , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Design, , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Other, , [field_profile_occupation_other]
Areas of Interest: Competitions, , , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Exhibition, , , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Techniques, , , [field_profile_occupation_other]