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Ruff, Nick

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Nick Ruff
Nick Ruff
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Nick Ruff
Nick Ruff

I am fascinated by how light captures form and brings it to life, changing with the seasons, the day or even moment by moment. In this respect working with glass has been a natural progression of 25 years practising as an architect.

With architecture I work with my clients on creating sustainable design through considering the experience of being in a space, the connections with the outside world and how the building sits in its environment, with glass however colour also becomes an integral dimension that infuses the design with life and lifts the spirit.

Details about work or recent projects

Nick designs and makes fused and kiln formed glass vessels, tiles and panels as well as contemporary stained glass some of which has been incorporated into schools, private houses and other buildings he has designed. Inspiration comes from nature, poetry/lyrics, the people he works for and using glass to express human emotions or relationships. This can include working with groups of pupils from Primary through to Secondary age.

Cold work, Kiln work, Leaded and stained
Artist, Other: Architect
Architectural, Design, Functional
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Education, Exhibition, Workshops