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Foden, Patricia

Dust Dragon
Summer Meadow
Sail on Moonlit Pond
Magical Shoreline
Single Frog
Still Life
Sea Life (Candle holder)
Mrs. Patricia Foden

Passionate about glass from a small child standing mesmerised by the colours in the stained glass windows to finding little pebbles of sea glass on the beach. My journey in working with glass started in 2009 when I happened to find a Stained Glass evening class that incorporated Fused glass. That was it - completely hooked and totally fascinated by this technique which is my art work of choice. I also work with glass in jewellery making, flameworking, copperfoiling and stained glass.

Details about work or recent projects

My working life has been full time NHS work, latterly as a mental health practitioner and therapist in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Only within the past 12 months have I had the ability to spend far more time working towards perfecting some of my techniques. I enjoy creating abstract forms of the natural world to give an 'idea' of the scene I wish to depict. Leading me to make a series of poppy field and meadow scenes that have depth as well as a textured surface; seascapes and interpretations of local scenes in Wirral. Currently I am working on a number of ways to create dragons on glass.

Experimenting with different types of frit and their effect on glass has been fascinating, actually using the different CoE of frit and glass to create ripples and controlled fracturing within the piece - therefore giving a very unusual quality.

My humorous side needs an outlet at times, leading me to create quirky and funny scenes with the various new mediums that are available now. Beach scene sun catchers; mermaids and seahorses to create fairy tale type scenes.

Hot glass, Kiln work, Painting: Jeweller and Polmerclay Artist
Artist, Other: Recently retired from NHS work as a child and adult psychotherapist
Decorative, Functional, Jewellery
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops