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Austyn Finnegan

Communication (Dylexia) Austyn Finnegan 2013
Pop Up Austyn Finnegan 2011
Glass Metropolis Austyn Finnegan 2010
Forbidden Fruit Austyn Finnegan 2010

I’m a glass student from Northern Ireland, I am currently studying a B.A. Hon in Glass Sculpture and Architectural Glass in Scotland at Edinburgh College of Art.

I decided I to pursue the medium of glass in 2009 when I researched Andy Goldsworthy’s Ice sculptures for a 3D project and I wanted create my own but permanent, so I got cut off of glass and put them in the kiln and have been hooked ever since. As I am still studying I haven't chosen a specialism, because I like to choose the technique that suits the concept best.

Details about work or recent projects

My work is influenced by natural and how human interaction and emotion has shaped the world around us today. The reasons I like to work with glass is because of the magical and versatile properties of the material. It seems to be able to capture ephemeral and fleeting aspects I try to highlight in my conceptual thinking.

Technique: Other, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Occupation: Student
Discipline: Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Education, Exhibition, Networking