Members’ Spotlight

Langley, Siddy

Coastal Bowl
photo by Siddy Langley
Ben Rinnes Bowl
photo by Siddy Langley
Grey Lag Goose Ginger Jar
photo by Siddy Langley
Orchid Paperweight
photo by Siddy Langley
Parrot Fish Oval Vase
photo by Siddy Langley
Hellebore Bowl
photo by Siddy Langley
Willow Vase
Photo by Karen Lilley
Pleated Oval Vase
photo by Karen Lilley
Strata Oval Vase
Photo by Karen Lilley
Siddy Langley
Glass maker

I have been a glassmaker for over thirty years having trained originally with Peter Layton. My work is organic and takes its lead from the things I see around me in the Devon countryside. I work exclusively with blown glass: an exacting process which teaches me new things on a daily basis.

Details about work or recent projects

I am in the process of building a new workshop where all the heat from the glassmaking process is recovered to provide hot water and heating for the attached eco-house. The new hotshop opened in September 2013 and is going from strength to strength and early in 2014 there will be glassblowing courses and studio rental available with accommodation included if needed.

Flame working, Hot glass, Kiln work
Decorative, Design, Jewellery
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Networking