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Elizabeth Sparkes

Tree of Life Kitchen Splashback Liz Sparkes
Bowl - Ice & Fire Liz Sparkes
Rivers of Gold Liz Sparkes
Field of Flowers Splashback Liz Sparkes
"Shards" Splashback Liz Sparkes
Glass Maker

My muse is the material of glass itself. Glass to me is the closest thing we have to alchemy. My mission is to is to continue a journey of adventure, exploring all it's possibilities. Every piece is a new adventure. Splashbacks feed my stomach, individual pieces feed my soul.

Details about work or recent projects

I specialise in splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. Recent panels can be found on my website
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist, Trade and Industry
Discipline: Architectural, Functional, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Networking, Workshops