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David Reekie

Dragon Boy II David Reekie
A Meeting of Minds I
Anonymous Figure IV D Reekie
Daggers Drawn I David Reekie
Dignity VI David Reekie
Sypathic Thoughts are at Koru Gallery Hong Kong David Reekie
Anger I
Anonymous Figure II
Drawing for Dialogue
Inconvience of life

I am a figurative fine art sculptor, my main medium is glass and over several years I have developed my own lost wax casting technique. My work is influenced by man's reaction and adaptation to the society in which he lives.

Details about work or recent projects

We live in a world that grows more complex and difficult to comprehend, with its tensions and temptations that pulls us in different directions. These conflicts provide ideas from which I create characters and situations and provide me with a constant source of material for my work. I devise surreal settings showing how we try to cope with the very limited and purely imagined space that we have created for ourselves.

Galleries who show my work
Technique: Casting
Occupation: Artist, Educator
Discipline: Fine art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Conferences, Education, Exhibition