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Oriel Hicks

St Agnes church window, Isles of Scilly Oriel Hicks
Tube Wave. Freestanding sculpture Oriel Hicks
Carved granite, fused glass insert with painted feather Oriel Hicks
oriel Hicks
little pebble dishes oriel Hicks

I trained in traditional leaded work at Reigate College, and have had many commissions for private houses, hotels and churches. In the nineties I invested in a fusing kiln and experimented with various techniques. I still carry out lead work in the quieter months but most work now is based around the kiln. I include something experimental in most firings!

Details about work or recent projects

Along with many new ideas in fused glass, I am presently engaged in making a second window for a small, off-island church in the Isles of Scilly where I live, and have also been working in conjunction with a stone carver in Brighton, making sculptural monoliths with embedded fused glass inserts.

Phoenix Stained Glass
Porthmellon Business Park
St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly
TR21 0JY
United Kingdom
01720 422900
Technique: Etching, Hot glass, Leaded and stained
Occupation: Artist, Gallery
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Education, Technical queries, Workshops