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Wilson Smith, Cheryl

cheryl wilson smith

In my work I explore the passage of time and my insignificance in the natural world. Living in the far north, on the granite and gold of the Canadian Shield and surrounded by Boreal Forest, I explore that the formations, which resonates within my soul.
My sculptures, the gossamer fine yet intrinsically strong structures become an active receptacle for interpretations of time and lasting memory. A place for quiet contemplation

Details about work or recent projects

My work is a manual form of 3D printing. I build layer upon layer of glass frit and fire the layers as a complete structure. I love to see what emerges out of the kiln....., sometimes predictable, sometimes a surprise, always a delight.

192 howey st box 424
red lake Ontario p0v 2m0
Phone: 807 727 2172
Casting, Kiln work, Other
Decorative, Design, Sculptural
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Competitions, Education, Exhibition