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Monique Swinkels

Vogue | Reaching out Monique Swinkels
Flameworking | Hot Glass Casting Monique Swinkels | Mark Locock
Flameworking | Glassblowing Monique Swinkels | Mark Locock
necklace smoked|topaz Monique Swinkels
Boro beads | blown Monique Swinkels
necklace Monique Swinkels
Passion Monique Swinkels
3 beads with female figures Monique Swinkels

Monique Swinkels was born in 1970 the Netherlands where she finished the Academy of Art. Her passion for flameworking started in 2004, after attending a workshop “glass bead creation”. She started with the creation of glass beads, often containing designs of flowers, and used them in her homemade necklaces and bracelets. She refined her technique and learned to work off-mandrel. Her need and drive to experiment with new techniques resulted in glassart pieces, that combine flameworking with sandcasting.
Monique is a multidisciplinary glassartist that has been educated in soft glass, borosilicate and in furnace work. Her work has been exhibited on several national and international events and galleries.

Details about work or recent projects

In my studio in the Netherlands, I create flameworked sculptures and objects. In collaboration with glass centre “het Glazen Huis” in Belgium, I research the possibilities of combining flameworked pieces with sandcasted objects. Currently I am conducting sponsored research to investigate the combination of flame worked silhouettes with larger glass tablets.

Technique: Flame working, Hot glass
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Decorative, Fine art, Jewellery
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Networking, Techniques