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Ian Barrowcliffe
Artist/ Previously a Mech Design Eng

Ian Barrowcliffe.

I started Art School at the age of 7 at the Canterbury Art college which was then based in the high street in the old City of Canterbury.

I won several art awards at school, but did not take it seriously as school finished I was instructed by my parents to find a responsible job,
I served an apprenticeship in Construction plant. I then moved to a blacksmiths shop after one year I started my own business, making staircases balustrades and all art wrought Iron.
A position opened up in Durban, South Africa, which I jumped at with both hands.
After 3 years I left the trade and went to my love which was artwork, I started IB-Designs Etched and carved glass,
I went to college and studied interior design. Distinction. This helped with the idea that I could confidently meet with interior designers and Architects.
The rest was history, winning various acclaims in the industry for my artworks.

After some years of constricted commissions. I decided to move from the hectic life of Durban and moved to Hogsback a magical world of mountains and forests. Hobbit Style. It is situated high up on the Amathole Mountains of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, and is surrounded by centuries-old indigenous Afro-montane forests.

In this peaceful retreated I found the inspiration to work with different formats of glass. Building a furnace and a lehr (kiln). Teaching myself how to manipulate and apply moulten glass into animated shapes and forms.

Personal issues forced a move to the UK. I now work creating creatures from our beautiful planet with the use of a hot torch. Hence Flame worked. I try to express my work with feeling of movement, texture and wildness. All of my pieces are annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for strength and durability.

I do hope my work will never fail to take your breath away and you must do it justice and see it in its true form, as photography so far has not managed to capture these magnificent creations.

Made in the flame in my studio in Margate,

Details about work or recent projects

At present I Flamework with boro, Borosilicate glass (pyrex) has a COE of 33, so very hard glass and sometime very temperamental to work with. Most of the work is related to nature from Octopus to dragonflies. i do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
African art and Figuerines are my latest projects.

Mobile: 07983 591569
Flame working, Kiln work, Other
Design, Fine art, Jewellery, Sculptural
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Education, Exhibition, Manufacturing, Techniques, Workshops