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Pervaiz, Sadaf

Malhaar (The Raag of the rain)
Aimunn ( Raag of the Dawn)
The sunset and the evening
The Night Raag
Deepak (the intense Raag of passion)
Sadaf Pervaiz

Glass and the dance of color and light within the 3D forms inspired me to learn glassblowing. Having a back ground in traditional miniature painting and a passion for drawing, I have done a lot of experimental work in imagery on glass as well. In future, I intend to carry on working with imagery on 2D and 3D glass glass forms.

Details about work or recent projects

This project is all about the seven Raags(songs) that are sung in subcontinent at seven different times of the day. Deeply connected to the colours of the sky. Sky which is the ancient and authentic emblem of change. I have translated this connection of the song and sky, time and change through colour and form. All vessels are mouth blown, hand polished and inspired by the traditional twin Indian drums Tabla.

Hot glass, Kiln work, Painting
Artist, Educator, Gallery
Design, Fine art, Sculptural
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