Members’ Spotlight

Naomi Symmonds

Anti-war signs Luke Butcher Photography
Technological Identity Luke Butcher Photography
Stuck between Iraq and a hard place Charlie George - Night Owl Animation

I am currently in my final year at Farnham University for the Creative Arts, studying Three Dimensional Design: Glass.
I typically base my work around the subject of war. I have worked with many different glass techniques since my degree started, but the work I create does tend to lend itself more to kiln formed glass.
I am interested in finding work within the glass field upon finishing my degree.

Details about work or recent projects

Anti-war signs: Work based on an illegal occupation and 'War for Oil' in Iraq.
Technological Identity: Man vs Machine - how our identities are become ever more digital through the use of the microchip.
Stuck between Iraq and a hard place: New work in progress - Commemoration on both sides of the Iraq war.
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist, Student
Discipline: Design, Fine art, Public art
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques