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Fell, Sara

'Precious Integrations'; The High Altar to Femininity. 2011. Contemporary Glass Society New Designers Associate Prizewinning work. British Glass Biennale 2012 Selected Installation Piece.
Image credit Simon Bruntnell. Sara Fell 2011
Sara Fell
Sara fell designer/maker

As a jeweller with interior intent, my work is often a collaboration of both skills as a glass artist and a jeweller, with a conceptual twist. Whilst other jewellers look to the body, my interest lies with the social history of jewellery whilst off the body. It is the very notion of where jewellery lives, where it is hidden for most of its life and what we percieve as 'precious' that intrigues me.
Celebrating and integrating elements of jewellery within pieces of art glass, such as the dressing table sets of my 'Precious Integrations' series fulfills my roles as both jeweller and glass artist. I believe a house profits from adornment as synonymously as the body.
Working in glass and metals, I continue to push the boundaries of material compatability within my glass work.
British Glass Biennale 2012 selected exhibitor.
Contemporary Glass Society New Designers Associate prize winner 2011 London
V&A Museum Access Prize winner 2008, sponsored by the Louvre Museum.
Warm Glass Prize 2008 2nd in Student category

Details about work or recent projects

I work with both Cast and Fused Glass, with the use of metal inclusions, Pewter, Bronze, Silver and Brass. Combining these materials has been intrinsic in my work, pushing the boundaries of both materials. The excitement of breaking open a mould and revealing the unpredictable.

Casting, Kiln work
Design, Installation, Jewellery
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Conferences, Exhibition, Techniques