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Paul Stopler

Transition, 2011, cast glass, 17cm diameter, 45cm height Ester Segarra
Extend, 2011, cast glass, 19cm diameter, 54cm height Ester Segarra
Float, 2011, cast glass, 28cm diameter, 14cm height Peter Ashworth
Flow, 2011, cast glass, 18cm diameter, 44cm height Ester Segarra
Lozenge, 2012, cast glass, 13cm diameter, 41cm height Peter Ashworth
Transform, 2011, cast glass, 24cm diameter, 48cm height Ester Segarra
Paul Stopler Glass
Details about work or recent projects

My kiln-formed glass explores the notion of containment through the use of solid cast forms. These are vessels without voids; containers whose content is the transparent glass mass. Forms are turned with curvaceous and sensual flowing lines that echo the liquid nature of glass and are designed to hold light. Through attenuating the glass form, the close relationship between colour and form is heightened.

Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist, Student
Discipline: Architectural, , Design, , Sculptural,
Areas of Interest: Competitions, , , Conferences, , , Education, ,