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Bruce Marks

Graal Bird Ester Segarra
Morphic Ester Segarra
Morphic II Ester Segarra
Black and White Birds Ester Segarra
London Glassblowing
Glassblower/ Studio manager

Blown sculptural glass by Bruce Marks

Details about work or recent projects

Bruce recently completed his Masters’ Degree at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. He was the winner of the Silver Award in the Glass category of Craft & Design Selected

National Awards 2009. Born in South Africa, Bruce creates blown glass in sculptural forms. His work is collected nationally and internationally - one of his pieces is

in the Public Collection at the Turner Museum of Glass, Sheffield, UK.

Major shows in 2013 include:

“Affordable Art Fair” – Steam Gallery, Battersea, London
“Art in Action”, Waterperry, Oxfordshire, UK
“Coalesce” - The London Glassblowing Gallery, London
"Art Palm Beach", Mattson’s Fine Art, Chicago, USA

0207 403 2800
Technique: Cold work, Etching, Hot glass
Occupation: Cold work, Etching, Flame working
Discipline: Decorative, Functional, Jewellery
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition