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Brinsmead Stockham, Adriana

Memories Lost and Found
Memories (close up)
Series 7 Iceberg
Series 6 Iceberg
Antelope Canyon II
Adriana Brinsmead Stockham

Having worked in original cast and fused glass for several years now and best known for her Iceberg Series of sculptures, Adriana’s latest artworks use a method called eggshell Pâte de Verre, which looks very fragile but is deceptively strong.

A regular exhibitor at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London and October’s Affordable Art Fair, Adriana also works to commission.

Details about work or recent projects

The apparent fragility of eggshell thin Pate de Verre is used in the current body of work which explores the subject of memory and memories – such as the fickleness and fragility of memory and the devastation of dementia, but also includes joyful depictions of happy memories. She also uses this technique to create individual memorials for lost loved ones.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
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