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Louise Ashton Designs

Fused Glass Bracelet Fused Glass Bracelet Louise Ashton Design
Necklace Lucienne Necklace Lucienne Louise Ashton Design
Necklace 'Lune' Necklace 'Lune' Louise Ashton Design
Necklaces 'Lune' Necklaces 'Lune' Louise Ashton Design

Nathalie, born in France, is the creative force behind Louise Ashton Design. During the 3 years she spent in the US, Nathalie enrolled at the Studio, in Corning (NY). She currently lives in the United Kingdom, where she makes all of her jewellery, emphasizing her flair for color, quality and style.

Details about work or recent projects

Fused Glass Jewellery.

18 Sanfoine Close
United Kingdom
01462 612 004
07 581 185 965
Technique: Flame working, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Jewellery
Areas of Interest: Education, Exhibition, Workshops