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Julie Light

Wrapped Form 1 Julie Light
Wrapped Form 1 Julie Light
Snow Wheel Julie Light
Spira Julie Light
Wrapped Form 3 Julie Light
New Flow Julie Light
Blood, Inverted Julie Light
In Vein Julie Light

My focus is on making cast glass sculptures that capture and contrast light through the use of various and multiple textures, creating surfaces that reflect, transmit or stop the light in its tracks. Glass is often presented as a hard, unyielding medium but my work aims to show that it can have the tactility and apparent malleability of softer, more supple materials. When people see my work, I want them to want to touch it.

Details about work or recent projects

I am currently working on a range of projects. My ongoing 'Imaging Inside' project runs in collaboration with cell scientists at Oxford Brookes University and takes inspiration from medical imaging practices. You can see more details on my website at

07961 368410
Technique: Casting, Cold work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Decorative, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Education, Exhibition, Networking