Members’ Spotlight

Mason, Roberta

Lybster Limpets
Photo: BCG
Closer to Shore
by Roberta Mason, Photo: Matthew Booth
Lighthousekeeping I & II
Photo: Matthew Booth
Marker Bouys
Photo:R Mason
Wave Spiral
Photo: Matthew Booth
Out to Sea
Photo: Matthew Booth
Photo: Matthew Booth
Winter Lagoon
Photo: Matthew Booth
Looking down (Vessel)
Photo: Matthew Booth
Looking Down (close up)
Photo:R Mason
Roberta Mason
Designer/ Maker

My work explores connection and memory and is strongly influenced by nature and technology. Much of my work references water at some level, as I have a passion for all things related to the sea and sea stories.

Details about work or recent projects

My recent projects are narrative inspired and are made using a combination of fused and blown glass - often with screenprinted elements.

Casting, Cold work, Hot glass, Kiln work, Other: sand carving
Artist, Student
Architectural, Decorative, Design, Functional, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition, Networking, Techniques, Workshops