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Annie White

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Studied Sculpture Saint Martins School of Art late fifties, Architectural Stained Glass in the Ninties following on to Kiln Formed Glass until present day. I study in workshops at RACC in Richmond.

Details about work or recent projects

My work is mostly sculptural but also enjoy fusing glass using copper. As a member of Just Glass I am currently exhibiting in The Art of the Possible at PM Gallery in Ealing 24th January - 8th March 2014.

Technique: Casting, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Cold work, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Engraving, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Discipline: Architectural, , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Fine art, , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Sculptural, , [field_profile_occupation_other]
Areas of Interest: Conferences, , , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Exhibition, , , [field_profile_occupation_other] , Publications, , , [field_profile_occupation_other]