Members’ Spotlight

Cate Watkinson

Plate Rack Plate Rack Andrea Lyons
Decorative glass screen for Newcastle International Airport Arrivals Hall Mark Pinder
Grainger Town Public Seating, Newcastle David Williams
MetroCentre, Gateshead David Williams
Architectural glass artist

Glass artist and designer Cate Watkinson designs and makes unique pieces, ranging from decorative glass panels for private buildings, etched glass screens for offices, to street furniture and major public sculpture commissions. Cate trained in 3-D design, Glass with Ceramics. After leaving college Cate worked in Cambridge and the Channel Islands before returning to the north east to set up her architectural glass studio at Newcastle Arts Centre in 1988.

Details about work or recent projects

Landforms, the elements and the ever changing complexities of nature serve as the dominant influences behind my work. Observing the intricacies of the natural landscape I work with texture, pattern and light.I am interested in developing ideas around the sustainability agenda and continue to develop my work in a range of different materials.

Studio 3
Newcastle Arts Centre, 69, Westgate Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom
Technique: Kiln work, Leaded and stained
Occupation: Artist, Educator
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Public art
Areas of Interest: Conferences, Education, Exhibition