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Hollins, Emma

Emerging Image: Linear Abstractions
~ Josh Cockroft
~ Josh Cockroft
~ Josh Cockroft
Ernst Haeckel
~ Alexander Gyte
Family Portrait
~ David Williams
Emma Hollins

Emma Hollins has both a literal and abstract approach, creating two distinct avenues of work: Literal Translations and Emerging
Images. Both routes are related by her focus for producing raw familiar connections with unfamiliar objects and her appreciation of personal marks of the hand made. She utilises her materials to dictate a flow of imagery, showing materials in new lights.

Details about work or recent projects

Emma’s current work has been based on emerging imagery. She has explored this through many different media; including photography, painting, printing and glass. Her glass pieces Emerging Image: Linear Abstraction # 1 and 2 were inspired by kinetic art, such as Len Lye’s Free Radicals and the beauty of float glass.

Mobile: 07951071064
Casting, Engraving, Other: Architectural Sculptures and Installations
Artist, Student
Architectural, Design, Sculptural
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