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Gaynor Richards

Fire Lily (Lilium Bulbiferum) Gaynor Richards
Fire Lily (Lilium Bulbiferum) Gaynor Richards
‘Pebbles’ Series 2010 Image (c) moonhousegothic 2010
Charlotte' Image (c) moonhousegothic 2010
Bubble Moon Series 2009/10 Image (c) moonhousegothic 2010
‘Wicked Webs’ series 2010 Image (c) moonhousegothic 2010
Moon House Gothic

Gaynor has been making Gothic Glass and Jewellery for many years now.She has studied the applied arts extensively; finally giving up studying for her degree to commit herself entirely to Moon House Gothic.She works with both kiln-fused glass and sterling silver to produce a stunning array of Jewellery, decorative panels, home ware items and art glass with a distinct 'gothic feel' to them.

Details about work or recent projects

Gaynor's latest work melds Gothic lifestyle imagery with contemporary glassware practicality. She likes to incorporate metal inclusions in to her kiln formed glass, and although the great majority of her work is with the kiln-forming of 'flat' glass she loves to dabble with kiln-casting, acid-etching, sand-blasting and stained glass.
Technique: Casting, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Cold work, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Etching, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Occupation: Artist, [field_profile_area_other]
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Decorative
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Exhibition, Manufacturing