Members’ Spotlight

Kathryn Baxter

Status Series Photography By Josh Cockroft
Status Series II Photography By Josh Cockroft

Since graduating from The University of Sunderland in BA(hons) Glass and Ceramics 2012, Kathryn returned to her hometown Ipswich, Suffolk. She has now established her own glass studio and plans to continue developing and creating unique pieces of glass artwork.

Details about work or recent projects

Kathryn's 'Status Series' was heavily influenced by Elizabethan Ruff Collars. This work highlights the illusion of grandeur by presenting a contrast of constructive styles within the same piece.

By encasing a common crochet stitch within a highly regarded and treasured material such as glass, the undervalued crochet work perceptively increases in societal esteem.
Technique: Flame working, Hot glass, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Fine art, Jewellery, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques