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Rucinski, Gabrielle

Flat Broke'
Flat Broke'
Credit Crunch'
Credit Crunch'
G. Rucinski
Gabrielle Rucinski

Creative and ambitious MA graduate, aiming to develop a career in Art with a specialism in glass and ceramics. My work has been described as breaking new ground,seeking to stretch the boundaries and discover new ways to make the materials speak.

Details about work or recent projects

The credit crunch and anxieties about societies' finances became the initial stimulation for my current work in glass. Looking closely at the beautiful design of each money note,the style represents to me a culture of privilege. I have used elements of money note design as references to 'Those who have..' Then there sections of society who become ineligible to the benefits that money can provide. My work points to the great divide in our rich society and may provoke thoughts about the relationship between money and the notion of power and control.

Phone: 02476 448829
Casting, Cold work, Engraving
Artist, Gallery, Trade and Industry
Design, Decorative, Fine art
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