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Chris Wood

Seeds Chris Wood
Glass and Light Chris Wood
OpticsCommissioned by IPC Media for the Decanter Room. Chris Wood
Chroma Chris Wood
Window Chris Wood
Corona Chris Wood
Can Can Chris Wood
Chroma Steve Bower
Spyra Chris Wood
Tendrilla chris wood
Chris Wood Glass

Glass is a material which allows me to exploit the aesthetic potential of Light. Minimal structures, support simple arrangements of glass, which interact with light to create complex kinetic patterns of light and shade. My work aims to reveal the wonder and true magic of the phenomenon of light.

Details about work or recent projects

I exhibit both nationally and internationally and also produce work to commission for architectural and interior situations. I have been commissiond by corporate clients including Deloitte's, Wellcome Trust, IPC Media and Architect Zaha Hadid. I have a particular interest in working within Therapeutic environments and am currently working on a commission for Addenbrokes Hospital, Cambridge.

12 Annesdale
United Kingdom
01353 650426
0787 1180 969
Technique: Cold work, Engraving
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Architectural, Public art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Conferences, Education, Exhibition