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East, Diana

Exocytosis'Neurotransmitters leap into a synapse; the smallest building block of a thought. 80mm high
Photo; Diana East
Work for Wearing Glass 2 Exhibition.
Diana East
'Sea Change' small paperweight
Photo Diana East
Diana East

Born 17th June 1952, Leicester, England.
After working for over twenty years as a freelance jewellery designer/maker I turned to working in glass in 1995. I was initially greatly helped by Kate Drew Wilkinson and have taken classes subsequently with very many people and I am still learning. I have found this a wonderful medium for personal expression and have been able to help to introduce other people to it through teaching the technique of flame work. I also demonstrate and give lectures. In 2001 I went to India to work with native craftsmen on new designs for a commercial catalogue and since then I have taught in Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, New Zealand and USA as well as here in Britain.
I now work and teach in my studio at home.

Details about work or recent projects

I find it amazing and fascinating that consciousness is an electro chemical process and that perception is entirely virtual, being processed by the brain.
I am doubly confounded by the fact that the brain works on a quantum level and that quantum theory does not obey our accepted laws of physics.
I try to visualise these apparent facts through my work in glass.

Like most people I am fascinated and inspired by the natural world and much of my current work is simply based on fragile and jewel like coral reef life.

Phone: 0116 2867664
Cold work, Flame working
Decorative, Jewellery
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Education, Exhibition, Networking