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Tricia Christian, MA Glass

I have a deep love of Cornwall and nature which informs my glasswork. Using soft colours I create detailed scenes and abstract designs in wall mounted pictures, bowls, plates and dishes, each with my distinctive style. Extremes fascinate me and I enjoy fusing glass with iron providing a pleasing tension.

adele Christensen

Architectural and Decorative glass - fused - stained - cast - enamel painted. Since returning to glass and the art world, I've created my own conceptual pieces but I am also open to commission work.Presently I'm exploring combining metal and ceramics with the glass. please explore my website to see more. Christensen ne (Garfitt)

Piece 4 of Ephemeral Wall Sculpture
Lucy Clark

I started working in glass four years ago. I attended the local college and worked in stained glass, making suncatchers, pictures and boxes. More challenging projects include leaded door panels and porch windows.
Last year I took part in an introductory course on fusing and slumping. This exciting process has now got my full attention. The range of materials is fascinating - beautiful coloured glass, frit, foils, wire, glassline paper and paint. I am captivated!

Julie Coakley is a blind 3DD artist specilaising in glass. She creates three dimensional glass drawings which are pre-worked, fused, cast and polished.

Joy Cole

Joia Glass is handmade by Joy and Peter Cole, influenced by our love of natural forms and vibrant colours. Inspiration can come from a walk in the woods or on the beach, a sunset or cloud structure, waves, or from a found object: a stone, leaf, flower, textiles, driftwood; anything really! We like to try different ways of working with glass - its property to flow then 'freeze' in a new form to get effects of fluidity and texture.