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Jenia Gorfunkel

Jenia is an artist who works exclusively with recycled glass sourced mainly from bottles. She has studied stained glass design for three years. She also studied jewellery design at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle. Her appreciation of glass as an artistic medium combined with concern for the future of our environment and the desire to lead and promote a sustainable lifestyle encouraged her to devise a unique brand of fused glass designs. For her work Jenia employs simple shapes, which allow her to showcase the striking patterns developed to use a limited palette of available colours.

Dan Kvitka

Terri is an artist who has been working with kiln formed glass since 2010. She works from her home studio in rural Washington state, USA. Having spent 20 years as an emergency physician, Terri has always been interested in the human form and finds continual inspiration in the strength of the human spirit. Her works are an exploration of this theme. Terri has been honored to have her piece, 'Kathryn' selected as a finalist in the 2014 Bullseye Emerge competition. Her most recently completed work is 'Natalie'.

Wallpiece for Nokia UK Headquarters
Carole Gray

I use many of the traditional techniques practised by stained glass artists over the centuries, to create work which is highly contemporary. I specialise in using decorative techniques in my work, including sandblasting, gilding, plating, false leading, kiln-fired paints and stains.

(photo: Jamie Gray)

Jamie Gray is a glass artist who makes work on and about the Canadian prairies, focusing on issues of identity in a post-colonial culture. She is currently pursuing an MFA at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Vertabra Screen
Steve Wragg/David Green

24 years glass making experience. Rejoined the fold after an hiatus of 9 years teaching FE Art & Design. Moving away from small gallery piece to larger scale architectural work. Having previously been a BAG committee member I am reacquainting myself with glass by doing an MA at the University of Wolverhampton.


Joanne works in traditional leaded glass and more contemporary glassworking techniques including fusing, screenprinting, sandblasting and engraving.Inspired by the natural world, her work draws upon the beauty and mystery often overlooked in everyday life.