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Photo: Claudiu Ionescu

Glass artist; I live, work and dream in Bucharest, Romania.

Miracle of life

There’s no greater miracle, I think, than the existence of life. For us, living entities, life is probable the most fortunate event that has been developed by chance, on our little planet, as peculiar fragment of the endless process of the cosmic swirl.

I try to catch and reflect in my work the miracle of life. Glass, as a fragile, still robust material, with its unique qualities, is suitable for representing life. They both share fragility, delicacy and yet an incredible strength. The degrees of transparency one can obtain from glass are both marvelous metaphors and good enough physical representations for the mysterious processes of life creation.

The International Festival of Glass is a comprehensive programme of events, exhibitions and masterclasses across May and June 2015. The IFG features the world renowned British Glass Biennale, the UK's major exhibition of contemporary glass; and plays host to thousands of glass enthusiasts and families who visit the Stourbridge Glass Quarter for the four day Public Festival.

Frozen Rain
Mike Inch

Inspired by the trail left by the death of an electron, or the pitted surface of the inside of a copper tank, I continue to explore the diverse relationship glass has with metal, and the relationship I have with glass, metal, process and scale. I continually try and push the boundaries of the material within a fairly simple process, and sometimes with a simple form, a square, a circle, a triangle.I am also fascinated by the concept of the 'repeat one-off', individually created pieces grouped together, that have strength of their own but take on another presence when displayed in quantity.I work with the possibilities created by incorporating recycled materials within my work. Particularly with copper, metals acquired from manufacturing processes contain their own unique reaction when fused in glass.I also challenge the sometimes-perceived fragility of studio glass, and invite the perception of a robust, tactile and enduring material. Many of my pieces can withstand temperature and moisture changes therefore suitable for outside spaces.The movement of both natural and artificial light through my pieces play an important part of my work, and some pieces move from 'object' to 'installation'.

Shannon Tofts

Contemporary & elegant hand blown & sand cast glass.
Gifts, sculpture & lamp shades are made by Swedish designer & maker Elin Isaksson. Bespoke service availaible for private & corporate projects.

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