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Technique:Kiln work, Leaded and stained


Discipline:Decorative, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Publications, Techniques

Product:Lighting, Sculptural, Sculpture, Wall pieces, Windows



Born in Brussels in 1967, I keep from my studies in anthropology curiosity and fascination for the essential and universal feature of human beings : IMAGINATION. To tell about oneself, others and the world, with words, gestures, materials. My professional career started in advertising agencies and NGOs, with projects for ethics and freedom of the press. Interesting, but something missing : WONDERMENT. In 2002, I changed direction and I appropriated glass as an expressive material. Alliance between technical rigor and creative freedom. Each piece is composed like a partition where colors and light resonate with each other. I am currently using diversions : flat glass gives way to glass pebbles, copper sets but also embraces and then takes on leading role ... panels and lamps alongside objects and sculptures. Other avenues to explore in the vast imaginary world. STAINED-GLASS Made of silica and water, the material is transparence, opalescence, mother-of-pearl and sparkles. Fascinating. I work from handmade glass plates with random effects. The gross display of colors gives me an original and ever-changing palette. Each piece is unique, made spontaneously or tailor-made ordered to illuminate your home. SCULPTURE: Back to the beach come the sea bottles... Thousands of pieces of glass polished by sand and salt water. I select them through touch. Smooth and opaque. Subtle shades of water green. Here they are entwined with copper. And then just copper, filigrees, tinned interlacing to lay, to hang. I use the acquired technique to explore freely other forms of expression.

I recently started kiln working, fusing and slumping glass, then assembling pieces with soldered copper filigrees.

POUR LILI - Stainedglass

WHITE RABBIT by Lewis C. - Seaglass

Building colors - Stainedglass and filigrees

Roses de Crécy - Tiffany


Hommage a Courrèges - Seaglass

ANGEL in a field of flowers - Tiffany and filigrees

PASTIS 51 summer party - fused and filigrees