Region:South East England

Technique:Leaded and stained


Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques

Product:Lighting, Wall pieces, Windows

Country:United Kingdom


Instagram: Orchid Stained Glass

Linda Banks

I work with copper foil and lead techniques to create unique pieces in stained glass at Orchid Stained Glass. I make traditionally-constructed stained glass windows to suit any space. My interiors collection includes light shades, lamp shades, wall art, freestanding artworks, mirrors, framed pictures and fun artworks. I love making pieces that are unique and often add lots of texture. I can also repair Tiffany-style lamps and leaded windows. Whether you would like an heirloom artwork for a special celebration, or something smaller, like a fun Quirky Bird, framed picture, wall art or sculpture, please contact me or browse my website shop. I am also the Editor of the CGS's Glass Network digital magazine section.

Linda’s ‘Marbellous’ light shade was shown at the prestigious ‘New Glass – Ancient Skill, Contemporary Artform’ exhibition at Blackwell, The Arts and Crafts House. This piece was made specifically to complement the Arts and Crafts surroundings of Blackwell. It uses the copper foil technique and contains over 700 individual pieces, including 1kg of marbles.

Linda Banks , Damon Surridge

Steampunk lamp , Damon Surridge

Lord of the Rings Tree , Linda Banks

Emerald panel , Linda Banks

Iris stained glass window construction , Linda Banks

Butterflies , Damon Surridge

Marbellous in green , Damon Surridge

Abstract panel , Damon Surridge

Poppies panel , Damon Surridge

Force of Nature , Damon Surridge